Management Motto
Unchanged uprightness
Unchanged existence
“Rising toward the infinite future, like a gigantic tree.”

Planworks Enterprise’s corporate philosophy is based on the concept ofa big tree that will one day become a great leader in the industry.Against numerous hardships, a gigantic and deep-rooted tree will stand firm.Likewise, Planworks will always stand by its clients. On a rainy day,we will provide a roof for those in need of shelter. On a scorching hot day,we will provide shade to cool off. For those who are starving, we will give somedelicious food, and for those exhausted, we will give a place ot rest.Planworks will help all those in need.

We pledge to give all of our clients the highest level of satisfactionthrough interactive communication, unmatched imaginationand realistic planning by the latest information and thinking.

CEO Message
Understanding the flow around the
world and setting the trend.

Plansworks was established with a big dream of being like a gigantic treewith deep roots. The company has become a steadfast and solid entity,not swayed by the wind, thanks to all the efforts of our clients, suppliers,and employees.

Celebrating our 13th anniversary, we have refurbished our homepageand remain as committed as ever to reliability and integrity.All the employees of Planworks will do their best to become more creativeand to truly answer the unique needs of each and every client.

We will never forget the day we started and will always be with you,clients and suppliers, like a big deep-rooted tree and a never-changingand steadfast partner.

We always appreciate your support.

Business Area
“Revolutionary ideas and solutions for the actual situation”

Planworks will provide field-oriented solutions, focusing on innovative and creative environments,
to bring our consumers’ immediate results in the rapidly-changing marketing environment by revolutionary plans
and speedy work, by planners with rich field experience and knowledge in each and every field.

Creative Business
Company Identity
The world in 100 years with
dreams of different ideas

Starting with a leaf, meaning becomes obvious duringthe process. Based on the philosophy of a big tree,a hexagonal framework, which embodies branchesand leaves, achieves harmony to build a more abundanttree. It is described in a simple and concise way.

As a way of expressing the meaning of back to the basics, fundamentalelements of a geometrical figure such as a dot, line, side, and solid figureare used and it symbolizes a leaf to build a big tree.
Converging into one and
becoming more abundant

With the value of ‘ONE & BEYOND”, Planworks envisionsand is moving toward the world in 100 years.We will not be obsessed with newness but think indifferent ways. We are committed to taking the lead,one step ahead of others.

Over 16 years, we always offer our best taking a leap forward 100th anniversary
(The group as a whole for 16 years, it’s a slogan that goes beyond everything)
Organization Chart
Building success stories, Planworks is a creative group aspiring to be the No.1 brand.

Planworks, together with the No. 1 brand in Korea, will become a successful brand.
Planworks is a group of creative professionals who want to be a brand themselves, with a mission to build their own brand.